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Classic and Cool Hairstyle With Straight Razor Shaving Service

A lot of people may not notice but men also are very critical with themselves, especially with their haircuts and even maintaining a decent beard. Considering that there’s not much one can do, they invest in getting quality haircuts and shaving. Therefore, if you also want a quality cut or shave you definitely should consider a barber using a straight razor on you. With Celebrity Cutz Barbershop, we make sure to give you the cleanest and the best shaving experience. If you are in the Pineville, LA area, this is your chance to experience quality shaving!

Why Get a Straight Razor Shave? 

If you are a man and you are looking for a really great shave, straight razor shaving is the one for you. By opting for this kind of service, you can actually expect to get a superior clean shave for a longer period of time. Also, considering that getting a shave from a straight razor from your barber lasts long you get to save money. Furthermore, straight razor shaving inflicts lesser irritation on your skin.

Let Our Team Do the Shaving!

If you are excited to get a superior clean shave or cut, let our skilled team do it for you. With us, you can actually expect that our straight razors are sharpened to perfection. Also, we make sure to change blades between clients because we care about the safety and health of each one of them. We will also make sure to properly clean you up after a shave so that you can easily sport it wherever you want to go.

If you need quality straight razor shaving, Celebrity Cutz Barbershop is the one for you! Wherever you may be in the Pineville, LA area, just give us a call at (318) 330-4577 and we will readily provide you with the quality shaving and cut you deserve.

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